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What do we do?

Tummy Time Academy helps families with young kids who may be facing delays or difficulties in their development. We offer coaching and support for children aged from birth to three years old. Services are provided through your county’s Early Intervention program.

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Vision Therapy

Hearing Therapy

Play Therapy

Nutrition Therapy

Early Developmental Teacher

Where do we serve?

Tummy Time Academy provides services in Pennsylvania through Early Intervention programs listed below.

Lebanon County

Under construction

Red Head Baby

Tummy Time Academy

Empowering families to help their children thrive.

What is Early Intervention?

Every child grows in their own unique way, but some children may take longer to develop certain skills. In Pennsylvania, children with developmental delays and disabilities receive support from a program called Early Intervention, which is backed by the state. This program brings together parents, service providers, and others who work with young children to help those in need.

The Early Intervention program offers coaching and services to families with children from birth to age five who have developmental delays or disabilities. It aims to help these children and their families learn and grow together. The program recognizes that children learn best through their everyday routines and activities, so it builds upon those natural learning opportunities.

The support and resources provided by Early Intervention enhance the child's learning experiences in places where they would normally be if they didn't have a delay or disability. It also helps families become more independent and capable, while respecting their unique strengths, values, and backgrounds.

The services are designed to address the child's specific needs, focusing on areas like physical development (including vision and hearing), thinking and understanding (cognitive development), communication skills, emotional and social skills, and adaptive skills for everyday tasks.

Does my child qualify for services?

Children between the ages of birth and five years old who need extra help because they have developmental delays or disabilities can receive Early Intervention services. These services are tailored to meet the specific needs and strengths of each child and their family.

The support can take place in various familiar settings such as the child's home, daycare center, nursery school, playgroup, Head Start program, or early childhood special education classroom. Early Intervention services are integrated into the child's everyday routines and activities within the family, community, and early education environments. This way, the child gets plenty of practice and chances to develop new skills in meaningful ways.

How much do services cost?

Families receive Early Intervention services for free in Pennsylvania.

How do I get started?

If parents have any questions or concerns about their child's development, they can reach out for help. They can call the CONNECT Helpline at 1-800-692-7288 or email, or fill out an online form.

The CONNECT Helpline is there to support families with children aged from birth to five years old. They can help find resources and provide information about child development. If needed, the helpline can also connect parents directly with their county's Early Intervention program or a local preschool Early Intervention program.

If for any reason, parents are unable to reach their Early Intervention program or have difficulty starting teleintervention services, they can also email the Office of Child Development and Early Learning at for assistance.


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